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In my presentation on "elements of net culture" at re:publica I mentioned that there will be a convergence of 'real life' and 'digital life'.
This is no new idea.
* The very first web project I was involved in in ca. 1993 was a project to find asnd connect local culture initiatives around lake constance
* my first Net provider was "", a local non profit to get people online
* my second net provider was 'Filstal Online e.V.', a similar initiative at another location, and
* my third provider was also a local access provider who was a non-profit (but did not engage so much in also aggregating local information on the web)

Now, that the net (not only the web ;) ) has gone mobile it makes even more sense to provide orientation and information on local issues, be they in entertainment and lifestyle or politics and history. The 'Stadtwikis' in Germany and the placebloggers elsewhere (which were also a topic at re:publica) are one point where this tendency manifests. with their pilot berlin.unlike is another step stone on this way. In their own words: is the urban, zeitgeisty online city publication, tailored to suit individual needs with its up-to-date, mobile capabilities.

Access quintessential information regarding the most influential locations and events the city has to offer. With the touch of a finger, you're automatically engaged with unlike, whenever and wherever you need it.

While in Berlin some local providers of event information have teamed up and are charging for inclusion in the listings (which for some low- or non-profit organizers is unacceptable) it seems to make sense to provide alternative channels for event and lifestyle info. is doing exactly that.

Disclosure: I worked with the guys who made unlike on several projects in the past.

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  1. The last sentence sounds simply awful "made unlike in the past"

  2. The last sentence sounds simply awful "made unlike in the past" Also: If they made it its now kaputt finished aus und vorbei

    1. Well, so? How should the sentence be? ;) (Hey, great, you obnly found one mistake ;) )


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