Getwitterte Elevatorpitches @next08

Twitter / oliverg: Elevator Pitches bei der Next08

#next08 toksta help you chat w/ ppl on social networks w/o leaving the page

#next08 is a karaoke community but the presenter can'T sing. ;) lobo: "i find you sympathetic"

telewebber is realtime communication around TV. and you can play 'ads quiz'. virtual TV-Couch.
@dittes presents @telewebber @ #next08 tv community, parallelnetzung tv/laoptop

#next08 marco presents communipedia: search engine over SNs. Communitioes are really connected to CP. 5 Minuten ago from TwitBin

#next08 moodmixer kinda des amazon recomments for almost everything. guy looks and talks like a soap salesperson.

Oliver Gassner oliverg #next08 is uttering buzzwords

Oliver Gassner oliverg #next08 tom pays 99 cents for each girl he wants to check out. ohoh.

Oliver Gassner oliverg #next08 jupidi is another hormone management software and U talk to it via SMS. Matchmaking mobile.

Oliver Gassner oliverg #next08 ist 'spielerisches business', dialog auf augenhöhe statt lauter werbung

Oliver Gassner oliverg amazee is using 'max & Moritz' cartoons in social collaboration, cool.

(Foodorder is silly I won't twitter that')

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