next08 - get realtime - starting keynotes

Greetings from next08 - get realtime. ***

First was a keynote by Geraldine wilson from Yahoo Mobile explaining how they design a 'clickless' mobile experience and how they enable widget providers and advertisiers to deploy content and ads to the yahoo mobile pages.


Matt Cohler from Facebook both shows how Facebook evolved technlogically and now how they use the user base in combinantion with professional translators to internationalize Facebook quickly. Germany is an importrant market for them.

Interesting: I can create LIsts of Facebook-Friends and show or hide Facebook-Content from them. BUT: Will ppl be competent enough to use this.

Michael Jennings from Google is next. He will talk about android and the OPen Handset Aliance. As a geeky Treo/PalmOS user this will be interesting for me ;) (#gtd ;) )

The OHA is an alliance of 30 Companies.
Android will be OPen Source so it will be patched fast. (In weeks not in years.)
It will be easy to write apps.
It will be cheaper cause there will be no license fee for the OS.

Its architecture looks lke the coolest thing since sliced bread. (He is really talking tech now ;) ) Its core will be a 'Dalvic Virtual Machine'.

You can run a mobile amulator on your PC and there is en (non hardware accelerated) 3D rendering on the phone. and you can of course run movies.

Michael is now demnstrating the web browser of the phone via the emulator. Coo it has a 'moving magnifieng area' so you can see stuff on a 'small' screen.

Now for the panel...

(As I am in another room and the transmossion has stopped I will end here. The video will be up by the end of the week we are promised.

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  1. Super Oli :) so bekomm ich wenigstens ein bisschen was von der next mit. Wenn ich schon nicht dabei sein kann. Danke :)


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