YouAre: Twitter-Killer of This Weekend

I am not yet a memeber of YouAre (UR?) (I applied for beta.Access of course ;) ) but what the inquisitr writes sure soundsd interesting:

YouAre combines Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, and the sites “secret ingredient” (their definition). At the basic level YouAre offers 140 character limited short messaging, complete with user profiles, support for @replies and DMs, and the ability to follow friends. The next layer of YouAre (and that’s the best word I can use to describe the feature sets) is Pownce and Tumblr like. Users can share video or pictures, although notably the site doesn’t offer hosting of either at this stage.

The next layer goes off into an unexpected tangent: LinkedIn style professional bios, including support for schools attended and work experience. Layer four takes us into what they describe as territory, but it’s part FriendFeed; yes, users can import external feeds into YouAre, although at this stage the choices are limited to, Flickr and YouTube.

But wait, there’s more! because YouAre also supports manual geolocation, so you can connect with others within your same area, based on the location based in your profile, or if you were visiting somewhere it’s as hard as placing /country/city after

First look at new microblogging service YouAre: Twitter 2.0?

And this also gives some hints incl. teh business model:

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