Slandr Mobile Twitter

Instead of playing the manga-avatar game I'll just point you to a really cool mobile Twitter page:

Slandr Mobile Twitter

It it great cause it does all the stuff that and twitstat do not (all) do:

* it is pure HTML, no slow Java app or so.
* it remembers your login (failed once today, we'll see)
* it has a replies tab
* it has a reply-button
* it has direct message tab
* it shows you ppl/twittereres in 3, 5, 10 and 20 miles radius (ok, miles, but .. - I subscribed to 5 twitterers in my area I had not 'seen' before)
* it lets you subscribe and unsub to ppl by pressing a micro-icon
* it displays well on the treo 650 (which hahlo does not do ;( )

Right now I hit a rate limit, but I had twhirl on and used some other services to do stats of twitter.

Check out slandr, it's cool ;) (And no I am not affiliated with them and had now contact up to now.)

PS: and I think Twitter should buy Slandr ;) Their page is as SHOULD be ;)

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  1. Stimmt, slandr ist wirklich genial. Ich benutze die Seite seit in der SMS abkündigung seitens twitter darauf verwiesen wurde.
    Da Twitter ja selbst drauf verweist und die Original Mobilseite von twitter so schlecht ist dass es nur Absicht sein kann halt ich für eine Übernahme für gar nicht so weit hergeholt.


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