#vw0711: Stefan Sottner (mfg.de): The Creative Lab/ MFG Innovation Park "Baden-Wuerttemberg"

The Innovation Park is a test area for businesses and young creatives in Baden-Wuerttemberg to do projects in Web3.D.
Create a new cosncousness that something is happening in virtual worlds.
Studies show that virtual worlds will become more important in the future.
In 2011 80% of all net users will have a virtual avatar. (Gartner 2007)
In 2013 virtual businds will be as important as web business today. (Forrester 2008)

Number of logged in avatars is rising.

In 4 years 70%of all businesses will have their own virtual world. (Forrster, june 2008)

He is showing the virtual world radar by KZERO.

The digital natives between 8 and 15 years are intensievely using VWs. (OG: So this WILL be a market. We have to prepare for this.)

Why do the peoject in s
It is well known and programmable.
We'd chose SL again because the hype is over and you can work freely.
More than 20 partners used the free offer of the mfg.de.

A wide range of activities like briefings and tests have been happening.
A "beach cinema" is planned to show films. A mfg library is planned and a creativity contest. Further platforms will be tested.
mfg-Events about web3d:
29.10: serious games. (free event)
8.12: learning in virtual worlds. (day seminar)
sl contact: Avatar Heberle

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