Interview with a Nigeria-Spammer

This is Part I, Part II is here.

A Nigeria- or better: Ghana-Spammer contacted me by Skype.
First I just tried to answer something that I always wanted to reply. (BTW I had already tried to alert the German police of earlier attmpts like this, they told me that they only start investigations once damage is really done.)
But then I saw an opportunity for an exchange and used it.

The transcript is posted 100% un-edited including all my typos and those of L. -- except for markers in [ and ] about quotes and the re-started conversation. We stopped chatting once and resumed the chat.

I'll reserve my comments on the content to the discussion that hopefully ensues and hope to continue the chat with L.

So if there are questions you want answered: Put them in the comments.

I plan to ask him
* Why he seems unaifraid of the police.
* If he does any good with the cash. (I alrady asked that but he did not answer.)
* How many other ppl he knows who are in his 'line of work'.


[04.11.2008 13:49:20] l****s : DearSir,

In search of a reliable contact, I came across your profile on Skype and decided to contact you. My name is L** A** M**, an auditor in a commercial bank in Accra Ghana. I am seeking your assistance in the transfer of some huge funds, which belonged to customer of the bank who on further inquiries i learn died 3years ago. (....)
I hope you will consider my proposal, and i await your reply.
I will provide you with a private contact telephone number as soon as I receive a positive response from you

Yours sincerely
L**A** M*

[04.11.2008 22:20:22] Oliver Gassner : The police is on the way to your place
[04.11.2008 22:20:29] Oliver Gassner : just stay put.
[05.11.2008 08:00:26] l****s : please tell them to be fast i am waiting maybe they can be of help in this transaction
[05.11.2008 08:05:00] Oliver Gassner : well it's no local police it's Interpol ;)
[05.11.2008 08:05:18] l****s : that is even better
[05.11.2008 08:05:42] Oliver Gassner : I am just wondering how desperate one must be to the stuff you do.
[05.11.2008 08:05:50] l****s : if you need more information on how they can reach me let me know so that i provide it
[05.11.2008 08:06:18] Oliver Gassner : >Oh come on, you can foll some retired Germany, but not me, ok? ;)
[05.11.2008 08:06:25] Oliver Gassner : but you sure type fast ;)
[05.11.2008 08:06:46] l****s : i am in my bed rome waiting
[05.11.2008 08:07:14] l****s : all this is the payment of slavery your father did
[05.11.2008 08:07:31] l****s : and many of you are paying bad in millions of cash
[05.11.2008 08:08:21] Oliver Gassner : OK, I was kidding about the police ;) OK, this is an intersting view. I am german though. I guess we had a colony in Namibia. MY father was 12 wenn WWII ended, so I guess he was not involved in slavery.
[05.11.2008 08:13:08] Oliver Gassner : So it is fair to pubnish people for the deeds of their ancestors?
[08:36:38] l****s : hello

[Here L. is back and I quote the last passage to him again.]

[08:36:48] Oliver Gassner : HI.
[08:36:57] Oliver Gassner : I tought I had lost you ;)
[08:37:58] Oliver Gassner : ((Need to make a phonecalll, but if you want to react to what I wrote early you'd be very welcome. I'll be sure to get back to you.))
[08:38:29] l****s : what do u want from me now
[08:38:48] Oliver Gassner : Well, we were having a conversation.
[08:38:58] l****s : yes


[08:39:09] Oliver Gassner : all this is the payment of slavery your father did
[05.11.2008 08:07:31] l****s : and many of you are paying bad in millions of cash
[05.11.2008 08:08:21] Oliver Gassner : OK, I was kidding about the police ;) OK, this is an intersting view. I am german though. I guess we had a colony in Namibia. MY father was 12 wenn WWII ended, so I guess he was not involved in slavery.
[05.11.2008 08:13:08] Oliver Gassner : So it is fair to pubnish people for the deeds of their ancestors?

[End of Quote]

[08:39:17] l****s : i know
[08:39:31] l****s : why do u wish to continue the conversation
[08:39:45] Oliver Gassner : Well I am interested in how you think.
[08:39:55] Oliver Gassner : I like to understand people.
[08:40:01] l****s : really that good
[08:40:14] Oliver Gassner : And you are in a ... very interesting 'business'.
[08:40:43] Oliver Gassner : And I would not habve imagined that you aregue that, hm, this 'Nigeria Scam' is a 'revenge for slavery'.
[08:40:57] Oliver Gassner : This thought would not have occured to me.
[08:40:58] l****s : yes thats true
[08:41:49] Oliver Gassner : One yould argue that tis is just a pretext. If you had said: My family is starving, I need to make money any way I can.... - Maybe that wuld be more hoest?
[08:41:54] Oliver Gassner : honest
[08:42:43] l****s : but i make good money out of this
[08:42:49] Oliver Gassner : The people you are damaging and maybe even their grandparents were not responsible for slavery or colonialism (whis, as I'd imagine did more damage than slavery).
[08:42:51] l****s : i am not starving
[08:43:18] l****s : i can make up to $100,000 yearly
[08:43:23] Oliver Gassner : But the people you are admaging are usually fools. They are not the 'leaders' thiose who you claim to damage.
[08:43:34] l****s : they are greedy
[08:43:45] l****s : only greedy people fall for this
[08:43:54] l****s : and if you trace them well
[08:44:04] l****s : their father was involve in slavery
[08:44:13] Oliver Gassner : Wwell it has been the case that this scam hit retired guys with lack of money
[08:44:44] l****s : it hits good rich greedy young guys
[08:45:28] l****s : maybe a member of your family might have been a victim
[08:45:42] Oliver Gassner : Nope. No fools in this family.
[08:46:04] Oliver Gassner : In one case it ways the mayor of a little village who wanted the money for the local infrastructure.
[08:46:31] Oliver Gassner : For some people the offer is just too tempting to use their brains.
[08:46:58] Oliver Gassner : So what do you do? Punish greed or revenge slavery? And why not revenge colonialism?
[08:47:06] l****s : but they still fall
[08:47:15] l****s : both
[08:47:34] Oliver Gassner : So you are a kind of postcolonial Robinm Hood?
[08:47:41] l****s : colonialism is fair
[08:47:48] Oliver Gassner : Fair? why?
[08:48:03] l****s : it bring development
[08:48:10] l****s : but slavery is wicked
[08:48:27] Oliver Gassner : Well slavery brought development to teh USA ;)
[08:48:41] Oliver Gassner : At least to the south.
[08:48:43] l****s : not to africa
[08:49:13] Oliver Gassner : So colonialism was good? Should Europeans come back or are you happy with the Chinese taking over now?
[08:49:29] l****s : thats imposible now
[08:49:38] Oliver Gassner : That europeans come back?
[08:50:00] l****s : europiana and americans are wicked people
[08:50:08] l****s : chinese are ok
[08:50:24] Oliver Gassner : Hey, befiore you said just the salve guys were and that Colonialism was good.
[08:50:40] Oliver Gassner : I heard that China wants to send 6 Million people, managers and such. Tis will be another form of colonialim, right?
[08:50:41] l****s : i did not say good
[08:50:46] l****s : i said fair
[08:50:52] l****s : better than slavery
[08:51:17] Oliver Gassner : And what you do is fair? punish the gandchildren for what the rules of their grandparents did?
[08:51:57] l****s : the bible says the sins of the father shall also be in their sons
[08:52:28] Oliver Gassner : So you would want to be punished for what your father did? I would not ;)
[08:53:25] l****s : yes if i do not repent from their sins
[08:53:49] Oliver Gassner : So Europe has net repented? what about the aid it sends to africa each day?
[08:54:03] l****s : thats no aid
[08:54:16] l****s : let me ask you something
[08:54:29] l****s : are guns manufactured in africa?
[08:54:43] l****s : then where do the rebeles get them from
[08:54:57] l****s : you bring guns here to cause war
[08:55:07] l****s : then u steal our diamond
[08:55:15] l****s : then later u bring aids
[08:55:23] Oliver Gassner : Sure, some sell guns to Africa. BUt also because there are buyers. Others send medical aid, social aid, food, experts.
[08:55:59] l****s : u hear everyday african government are corrupt and steal money
[08:56:10] Oliver Gassner : Well usually people don't bring guns without seeing money first. (Would you?) Yep, that is what we hear.
[08:56:11] l****s : which bank do they keep it
[08:56:19] Oliver Gassner : Swiss I guess ;)
[08:56:20] l****s : is it not in europe banks
[08:56:25] Oliver Gassner : But?
[08:56:32] l****s : why did you bank not reject it
[08:56:56] Oliver Gassner : I am not Swiss ;) I would reject itz. But I guess banks are businesses, no churches.
[08:58:34] l****s : they receive and later say the government is corrupt
[08:58:56] Oliver Gassner : ****
Woukd you be willing to continue this at some point? I need to travel today and need to do some stuff urgently ;) I would really love to continue this to hear about your side.
[08:59:11] l****s : ok
[08:59:16] l****s : then bye for now
[08:59:21] Oliver Gassner : Thanks.
[08:59:26] Oliver Gassner : Bye.
[08:59:39] l****s : i am waiting online for an austrain man who will send me 30,000 today
[08:59:42] l****s : bye
[09:00:22] l****s : i can make u my partner if u wish

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  1. Hey Oliver.

    I enjoied reading this post.

    Did you follow up and have more conversations with this gentleman?

    Very Interesting.

    Kind Regards


    1. The second half of the conversation was today.

      If the chatter does not give up on me (or finds this - or both) I'll continue on occasion.

      I did not ask for permission to publish lest I scare him away but am also ethically confident as I think I don't do damage to anyone.

    2. Part 2 of the Interview is here:


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  3. Es ist wirklich interessant diese Ansichten zu hören. Hoffentlich kommt es noch zu weiteren Gesprächen.

  4. Hammer Geschichte, tnx 4 posting! Ich weiss nicht wieviel ich von dem Nigeria-Spam-Mist schon glöscht habe. Das da wirklich jemand drauf reinfällt kann ich immer noch nicht so recht glauben.

  5. "[09:00:22] l****s : i can make u my partner if u wish" @Oliver if you don't want to, i would like to be his partner ;)

  6. Wäre das dann der Zeitpunkt um auf Paid content umzusteigen? ;) #scnr

  7. Echt mal eine interessante Sichtweise. Gibt es da auch mehr von?

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