"Digitale Tage" jetzt mit "Google Friend Connect"

This Blog is now Google Friend Connect enabled ;) Some details in English at the bottom of this post.
Hier kam gerade meine Betafreischaltung für Google Friend Connect an.

Anders gesagt:

Ihr könnt mit Eurer GoogleID, mit eurer OpenID oder mit eurem Yahoo oder AIM-Account in die Community dieses Blogs einloggen. Rechts in der Box unter der Anzeige ;) )


Welche Gadgets wünscht ihr euch denn für hier?

Google Friend Connect means, that you cann offer a community to the visitors of your site. They can login with their OpenID, AIM, Yahoo or Google ID. You can also add Widgets for Commenting ('Wall', it even allows videos), rating and other 'Open Social' apps. "Open Social" is an initiative that is supposed to bring Facebook-like Apps to any Website.

So, which widgets would you like here? ;)


Rather simple:

- You copy 2 files into the root of your site. (Yeo need to know about FTP for this,I guess.)
- Google checks in everything is fine.
- After that you can generate Widget code for the Login box and for other Apps. I added the Login Box and A 'Wall'.

I'd be grateful for some hints for helpful widgets to add. I might rearrange my widgets so that they go to the left column ;)

(might e continued)
Comments? ;)

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