links for 2009-02-21

  • Part #1 - What is Twitter?
    Why You Should Start Using Twitter Right Now
    What is Twitter?
    What’s the Point?
    Twitter is a Broadcasting Service
    Twitter is a Mobile Communication Tool
    Part #2 - Socialising With Twitter
    Is This Business or Personal?
    How Can Twitter Help My Business?
    How to Get Twitter Followers
    Useful Twitter Accounts to Follow
    Keeping the Noise Down
    Part #3 - Using Twitter Properly
    Twitter Technicalities
    Using Twitter for Marketing
    Part #4 - Twitter Tools | Platform-Specific
    Mobile Tools
    Windows Tools
    Mac Tools
    Firefox Plugins
    Part #5 - Twitter Tools | Web Applications
    Productivity / Useful Apps
    Map Mashups
    Just for Fun
    Part #6 - Hacking Twitter
    Pimp Out Your Twitter Profile
    Funky Twitter Mashups
    Twitter Groups
    Part #7 - Multiply Your Twitter Audience
    Publicize Your RSS Twitter Feed
    Twitter / BloggingMashup
    Third Party Twitter Integration
    How Twitter Promotion Can Go Viral

  • no install required - works in FireFox or Safari (IE support coming soon...)
    stores all tweets you send or follow on google's cloud infrastructure so you can search your tweets by person, word or tag
    allows smart completion of people or tags (just hit @ or # in the text boxes)
    shrinks the links you type so you can fit more into your 140 characters
    auto-removes any tinyurls in t
    Google account required.

  • It's just a design up 2 now ;)

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