Notes on Twitter Usage by Print/Online Media

I just need to get this off my nootepad ;)

I made some notres on the 'continuum' of possible usage of twitter by print- and online media. (Noot sure how this might apply to "live TV".)

- selective RSS (brealing news?)
- manual reporting from newsdesk (featuring articles)
- manual background and news from the newsdesk (not necessarily article specific but e.g. event specific)
- live twittering from (pre-scheduled) events
- live twitter interviews (scheduled)
- live twittering brealking news from the 'crisis' site (non scheduled)
- live twittering breaking news from the 'crisis' site (non scheduled) PLUS photos and maybe links to (qik'ed?) live footage or "live" audio/video (Mogulus etc.)

What did I miss? Is there 'more' than the last one?

Of cause 'passively' Twitter can always be used to get stry ideas, tap/research sources or be interactive in some other way.

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