Demokratie Zweinull (Twitter recyclig: My summary)

OK, this series of Twitter-Replies to @eicker regarding the #demokratie20 event should have been a blog entry:

I think that it is hard to do anything substantial in that timeframe, a format with parallel tracks to cover different levels of interest and expertise would have been helpful. maybe even a 'barcampy' format. The 'professors' take was rather far reaching and substatntial.

The pres bei BJ had far too much material and too many 'don'ts' that are arguable ;)

The video thing I kinda missed cause of my password probs, but I guess just showing some videos and a short analysis would have done the job better than fighting with powerpoint...

the voicE/S project seemed extremely interesting and would have deserved more length and deptth. (They seemed t be worried with 'controlling what the people say(pick as a topic)', -> discuss that.
some say the event was too much about cam,paigning but less about what people can do,

I guess this will be in May #demokratie20


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