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  • Das deutschsprachige GTD-Forum ist zurück (ggf. ist diese URL temporär ;) ) sonst:

  • Forum für produktivität (engl.)

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  • The Electric Artists Twitter Tracker is a real-time listing of the top media, entertainment, and consumer product feeds we’re currently following on Twitter. Electric Artists is a leading digital brand management and strategy agency. We help our clients create and connect communities online. To be notified as new features and feeds are added, follow us @electricartists.

  • Tired of shallow e-mails from Twitter when someone follows you? Want more information right in your inbox? Check out Twimailer. -- This is what the mail from Twitter should look like!

  • I like 'wilitterate'. Another twitter song

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  • This is a simple webservice that helps you in tagging textual content on and off the web. There are two ways of using it:
    by simply pasting a URL or a text in the fields below or uploading a file
    by using the REST API then returns a set of tags based on the textual content you specified. The service is mainly designed for developers, building applications that make use of tagging. To find out why is different just read the FAQ, or drop us a line!

  • Hm, dei wollen name und adresse, wenn man das(mindmap?) tool runterladen will. Angeblich kann das ganz tolle Sachen. Knowledge Management, Dynamic Modeling. Die Bücher dazu kosten dann 20+ EUR das Stück.

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  • Haben Sie schon einmal gezählt, wie oft Sie Tag für Tag Ihre Adresse, Bankverbindung wiederholt eingeben oder gleichartige Kundenanfragen beantworten müssen?

    PhraseExpress nimmt Ihnen diese lästige Arbeit ab. Die Zeitersparnis ist enorm:

  • Snippely is a basic text and code organizational tool. Instead of storing bits of code, quick notes, and memos in text files all over your hard drive, this application will let you save and organize "snippets" in one convenient location. A snippet is a collection of one or more pieces of code and notes. Snippets are stored in groups for organization and quick retrieval.

    A snippet is composed of a title, description, and one or more 'snips'. You can add any number of note and code snips in a variety of different languages (more to be added). When not being edited, the snip will be syntax highlighted according to the language selected. Snips are also sortable so you can organize your snippet however you want. Since everything is saved to a local database as you work, there's no need to worry about pressing the save button or submitting a form.

  • darf ich Sie auf meinen brandneuen Newsletter einladen so dass Sie in Abständen informiert werden, was ich so mache?

    Sie können sich hier problemlos eintragen:

    Den Newsletter gibt es auch via carpe-com-Gruppe bei Facebook:

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