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  • For Travelers

    Let's say you have a holiday weekend coming up next month and you want to get away. With Joobili, you say when, and we say where you can find the best travel experiences specific to your travel dates and personal interests. Simple as that. Our Timely Travel approach means you will never return home with the same boring stories of museums and momuments.

    For Event Promoters

    Joobili is a great way to help travelers discover your events. And did we mention it is free? Learn about becoming a Joobili Pro.

  • Ja ist denn schon 1. April? "Employees who might otherwise be working productively and contributing to the economy can instead create Tweets, such as "I just realized I clipped all of my nails today except for one" or "My co-worker is drinking pepsi . Pepsi!!! I want some. Stupid Lent" or "Financial systems require high levels of trust and oversight. Take away the oversight and encourage high levels of risk for personal gain.""

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  • Legacy Locker is a safe, secure repository for your digital property that lets you grant access to online assets for friends and loved ones in the event of death or disability.

  • LESEN. Nur ein Zitat: "In seiner Trauerrede hat Horst Köhler immerhin die Opfer korrekt benannt: “Wir trauern um acht Schülerinnen, einen Schüler und drei Lehrerinnen der Albertville-Realschule in Winnenden. Wir trauern um drei Männer, die der Täter auf seiner Flucht wahllos tötete, ehe er sich selbst das Leben nahm.”

    Von Frauenhaß spricht aber immer noch niemand außer ein paar Feministinnen und tapferen Männerforschern. Warum nicht? "

  • "(...) on Twitter is an easy way to figure out who newly followed and unfollowed you. However it is easy to get this information by mail. But, why not RSS? @rssfriends solves this issue. Without having to specify a password - or grant access to credential information via OAuth - this services monitors Twitter for new followers or unfollwers and put them into an RSS Feed. This feed could be subscribed with your prevered reader -> and voilá you see your new friends."

  • This seems to be the corect page ;)

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  • "After close to 30 years working on US-China relations in the US government and private sector (see bio on the “About Hank Levine” page) I have developed some strong views on the subject. What I bring to the blogosphere is the perspective of a long-time practitioner, someone who has spent countless hours with Chinese counterparts questioning, negotiating, berating, being berated, arguing, and, above all, trying to move issues forward in practical ways toward mutually acceptable resolutions."

  • "CoTweet is how business does twitter.
    CoTweet is a platform that helps companies reach and engage customers using Twitter."

  • With Twitxr you can:
    Share pictures from your mobile phone
    Automatically publish them on social networks and photosharing sites
    Tell your friends where you are and what you are doing
    Automatically add your location to your pictures and status updates
    See what people all around the world do with Twitxr!

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