links for 2009-03-30

  • This is an ELIZA installation (look at tghe @-replies) that also makes random remarks and retweets. I fell for it for some tweets ;)

  • Vollteste ;)

  • Use at your own risk ;)
    "... a solution to remove your direct messages on Twitter. This little guy has been known to delete thousands of DM’s. Please leave any comments on the original blog post.

    Drag the link below to your bookmarks bar and then open your Direct Messages page in Twitter. Click the bookmarklet you created and select whether you want to delete all direct messages, or just direct messages from a specific user (No @ in front of their name).

    Please note that when you delete a message from your Sent mailbox, it will delete it from the recipient’s Inbox. The same applies for messages you have received."

  • Search fpr people, phrases or trends. "The Social Collider reveals cross-connections between conversations on Twitter.

    With the Internet's promise of instant and absolute connectedness, two things appear to be curiously underrepresented: both temporal and lateral perspective of our data-trails. Yet, the amount of data we are constantly producing provides a whole world of contexts, many of which can reveal astonishing relationships if only looked at through time."

  • taliean twitter blog

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