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For my Twitter-Followers:

*I usually do NOT follow back I already follow more than 2000 ppl and want to go back below 1000
* if you follow @olivergassner that account has autofollow on yond you can reach me via DM
* Please also read this if you are following me on Twitter: Twitter Policies

* What I do.

* List of my current customers (This also shows what kind of projects I support)

* List of my own projects (still to come ;) )

* My Public Calendar / Dopplr (If you want to meet me: Ask again via one of the channels provided in the sidebar, I might not delete something in the calendar if I have to cancel at short notice.)

* The Social Networks I am on (Planning to provide a smaller List of those I actually use ;) )

The sidebar of tis blog susually has more links to
- stuff about me
- how to contact me (Skype, Mail, Chat)
- where I am etc.

Well what else do you want to know? ;)

This is to serve as a landing page e.g. from a link in my Tweitter-auto-DM after someone follows me :=)

My Projects:
Cyberabad / Digital Lifestyle


My Social Networks"
English articles here
RSS for English articles here"
"My Delicious + Twitter)"
RSS Podcast
VLOG: Olivers Wochenshow
All my Blogs @ GReader


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