fmx09: Volker Helzle - filmmaking and beyond

Volker Helzle is working at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg working at the research and animation group.

Thomas Luft from Konstanz will show some projects.

- Tools for facial animation: readable emotions on faces. "Artificial Actors" in 2006.
- Kinski Recreation Project: Kinski as an 81 year old playing in a fictional trailer for an upcoming film (2007)
- Face Animation Toolset 2.0 (avaliable for free), 2000 registred downloads, amyn version downloaded 'in the wild'
- news: Facial Motion Data Solver (talk on Friday)
- 'dynamic real time animation'
- get away from shot based animation pipelines
- high level control
- believable interactive characters

New: Frapper(Qt and OGRE)
- LPGL licenced
- and characters and creation pipeline will be released
- node based system
- steerable by facial movements of human 'actor'

Test with autistic children, Recognition of dynamic Emotional Faciel Expressions'
- Uni Freiburg, KLinikum
- 2 characters
- diferent expressions
- the computer created characters where almost as easily recognized as 'real' photos
- disgust was hardest to recognized cause the software cannot do dynamic wrinkles (on the nose)

Thomas Luft:
- NPR: non photorealistic rendering
- University of Constance PhD thesis
- emulating natural media
- filmmaking has temporal qualities in addition to visual qualites
- hand drwan: technique, medium (drying, overdrawing etc.) -> very expressive
- cf youtube old man and the sea by Petrov -- hand dran on glass
- computer should emulate temporal properties of the medium etc.
- artist input is needed here

(tis was hand drawn!)

projekt Konstanz/Ludwigsburg:
- aQtree
- 3 short films supported
- Love Leech Tomato, Kieselstein, Skater, watch here

- autostereoscopic displays (requireing no glasses!)

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