gamr7 : procedural cities for games @fmx09

lionel Barret from gamr7 : procedural cities for games shows how to create procedural cities in games.

If you use declarative data (what) and not HOW,, you need lots of data.

- Invention of the brush -> simplification

Game industry:
- huge worlds
- limited resources
- city: 50.000 objects min.
- thrown away 3-5 times
- -> quality suffersHelp
with prototyping
with pitching
with production (low cost, throw away)
with post-release (extra content)

- pipeline stabilty (I don't want to change)
- automatic? (where is my creativity?)

Answers by UrbanPAD
- geography as an input
- terraforming
- special zones (forbidden zones

- semantic (who likes/hates whom?)
- creat zones (which have templates, props combinations)
- templates can compose
- placement rules

- artists as gatekeepers (divide and conquer)

We see a coll video that you sketch a city and the system adds buildings later automatically depending on Ur sketch.

- cost cutting? (crisis?)
- last wave brought a quadrupled team and #10 EUR per man hour, this cannot happen egain
- we have to become more productive
- procedural work will become more attractive
- online is the new console (no high end graphics card, all on the server)

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