Klaus Haasis opens fmx: Visual Computing

Baden-Wuerttemberg is a peime loacrion for merging reserach, creativity and technology.

Fmx is a great platform to show this.

Mfg (Haasis is the ceo) has been supporting fmx for 14 years now.

Visual computing is a good case to show creativity and technology, IT iand Media is the third biggest busines area in BW bwsides automotive and manufacturing.

MFG has three pilars: talens, networks and clusters.
Learning together and collaborating are focused on.

There are scholarships for studens - many of who work iin visualization.

CREATE is a EU project (Nadia Zaboura is working there -- OG) to research and help the creative industry.

Mfg also supports 'Best of Eurographics' and theCluster Visual computing.

Hier klicken für Vollbild-Anzeige

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