Oliver Mack - ict @ fmx09 - interactive experience of visitors in museums and brand centers

Oliver Mack works at ict which is a sytems integrator for audio/video installations at Metzingen (where Hugo BOSS is).

They now focus on trade fairs, museums and brand centers.

Plans for the future
- interactive displays (like in 'Minority Report'), between 1-2 years, flexible 2mm thick, bendable, transparent walls, comparable to todays displays
- interactive exhibits (working machines...) as holographic projections, controllale by gestures, projected freely in the room (technologies are avaiable but need to be improved and integrated)
- interactive environments (rooms), adapts to persons, user specific displays etc.

I am kind of too exhausted to blog all the detail examples, they are stiill quite impressive. Just check out the BMW and Porsche Museums ;)

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