Prof. Harald Reiteter @ #fmx09: Reality Based Interaction for Visual Computing Interfaces

Reiterer is at Univwrsity of Constance.

The computer is a disappearing computer.
Create "tangible computing", interact with your whole body. (bimanual etc.)

We are social beings and want to interact this way. -> Socual Computing

Book: Where the action is.

Naive Physics. (Lists on the iphone have "mass".)

Body awareness and skills.

Environment awareness and skills.

Conventional userface are not helpful to display context data.

ZOIL: Zoomable object oriented infoaramtion landscpae.

Filter zoom and arrange data on different kinds of displays (mobile to really big).

(the examples are kinds hard to decribe scheck out theit page: HCI Konstanz)

Hier klicken für Vollbild-Anzeige

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