Twitter: RetweetBotGame #rbg

OK, I wrote this tweet today:
what about a retweet-bot-game: create a tweet that is auto-retweeted by as many robots as possible?

... cause it occured to me stuff taht I tweeted was constantly retweeted by bots (thus distorting any retweet stats that are menat to whow how 'useful' a twitterer is.

So I thought:

- What if people create- d tweets with the aim to be retweeted (ok, I occasionally did this and kew I would be retweeted by a bot) and

- what if we make this a game?

OK so your task is
- create a single tweet that is retweeted by a maximum number of bots
- create a search that shows this fact
- tweet the link to the search @oliverg and hashtagged #rbg

I'll occasionally announce new records in this area tagged with #rbg ;) (Any maybe document them here.)

Yes, this is kinda spammy, but so what? It is better than spamming for Credit Cards or Viagra, right? It's fun and shows somwthing about Social Media: If you let robots do it, you become hackable.

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  1. True, true...
    Question is: how do I create a tweet that is repeated by as many bots as possible?

    1. JUst combine keywords that bots react to in 1 tweet.

      Try city names, #android, #kultur ;)

      That is what I found up 2 now ;)


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