Talking to Issac II: Live or let curse (and some money)

After Talking to Issac: Skypeing with Ghana -- again. - the chat continued today.

I got offered that the guy lives with me in Ghana, I got cursed in a preddy deadly way and I got an address.

Pretty eventful.
OK, I agree I pushed it in some points )

The interviews as always are only minimally edited. I removed some of my spelling erors, inserted 'pauses' and in rare curcumstances changed the sequence of lines to show zhe logic of the conversation when chatlines were 'crossing'.

Isaac Amponsah: God be with you my new friend (handshake) Helllo my best friend How are you today?
Oliver Gassner: Hi, I am not 'your best friend', believe me. Or you would have a very sad life. ;) I am just editig a film.
Isaac Amponsah: Oh okay i see and how is life there?
Oliver Gassner: Different for everyone ;)
Isaac Amponsah: Yestaday i read the interview
Oliver Gassner: Some have little, some are alone, some are ill. Yes, so what did you think [about the film]?
Isaac Amponsah: And how much money did that man collected from you
Oliver Gassner: None. Of course. He made profit for me.
Isaac Amponsah: Oh, thank God have you to have the oppunity
Oliver Gassner: There is no god to thank for that. God did not teach me about fraud on the net ;)
Isaac Amponsah: ok sorry
Oliver Gassner: Do do you thijk that guy told the truth? About the police not caring, about bribing everyone?
Isaac Amponsah: oh yes
Oliver Gassner: So how is your life. Do you go to school?
Isaac Amponsah: Oh yes friend, my life here is good and all my parent are fine as you and i
Oliver Gassner: That is good to hear. Is saying "Friend" a lot specific to your language?
Isaac Amponsah: HMM. So have you plan to be here again
Oliver Gassner: You know I am just irritated that you call me friend all the time ;) I have never been to your country. I just chatted with somebody from your country. And I do not plan to travel there.
Isaac Amponsah: Oh i see
Oliver Gassner: How did you get the idea to chat with me?
Isaac Amponsah: but i hope some times you will travel here becuase of me and also i will be happy to meet you (pause) Oh i was searching for friends and i found you
Oliver Gassner: Why would I want to meet you or ever travel to your country 'because of you'? Again: Friends. Why do you call me that? I could call you 'grandfather'
Isaac Amponsah: Oh i see so am sorry that now i call you daddy
Oliver Gassner: *g*
Isaac Amponsah: ok
Oliver Gassner: No don't you see the point? It is irritating. We are just chatting and you tell me you expect me to visit your counry 'because of you'- That makes no sense.
Isaac Amponsah: Oh know if you be interesting in me and also live with you
Oliver Gassner: ?
Isaac Amponsah: yes
Oliver Gassner: I have no idea what you are talking about.
Isaac Amponsah: Oh okay. try and think about it. So have you married
Oliver Gassner: About WHAT?
Isaac Amponsah: So have you married
Oliver Gassner: It is impolite to ask strangers questions all the time. ;) At least here.
Isaac Amponsah: Oh okay but i will like to tell you. (pause) do you know thati can kill you
Oliver Gassner: ? thati?
Isaac Amponsah: becuase i have my living and truth God
Oliver Gassner: aha, first you want to live with me and now you kill me for your God?
Isaac Amponsah: Oh yes becuase you are not take me serious
Oliver Gassner: I just try to understand you. is that evil?
Isaac Amponsah: i will send your name and your pic to my God to punish you and also make you mad man
Oliver Gassner: I try to usnerstand why you call me friend all the time and why you have the idea I need to visit you.
Isaac Amponsah: yes i will send your name and your pic to my God to punish you and also make you mad man hahahahahaha
Oliver Gassner: Oh, I am so afrauid. Can I giove you 1000 Dolalrs so you don't do that?
Isaac Amponsah: you dont know that you are coming to die and have you heard that some muscian is dead called Micheal Jeackson I and my father kill here for doing bad things
Oliver Gassner: I already feel like I start to become mad. Help.
Isaac Amponsah: And let me tell you that i am not joking to you and if you also block or romove me from your contact ,that you have destroy your cuses. you dont know that you are coming to die and have you heard that some muscian is dead called Micheal Jeackson I and my father kill here for doing bad things
Oliver Gassner: Oh, we all die.
Oliver Gassner: Why do you see when you look out of the window?
Isaac Amponsah: And am not looking for your money and your money cant do me anything in my life
Oliver Gassner: So? What arer you looking for? People to bring you out of the country?
Isaac Amponsah: okay - but can you make ths oline transfer money
Oliver Gassner: You are funny. Do you know that?
Isaac Amponsah: Oh hahahahahahahahha
Oliver Gassner: You said you wanted no money.
Oliver Gassner: You should become a comedian, get rich and then invite me.
Isaac Amponsah: Oh i just tell you to know
Oliver Gassner: ? (pause) What now? Money or not? Curse or not?
Isaac Amponsah: so let me give you my details to make the online transfer western union
Oliver Gassner: OK. (pause) Let's say 2000 instead of 1000. Just to make sure.
Isaac Amponsah: Name:Isaac amponsah, city:kumasi, country:Ghana, zipcod (some seconds later) Am waiting
Oliver Gassner: Well, now we have a problem.
Isaac Amponsah: Oh know when
Oliver Gassner: I'd want to gibve you 20.000, but I cant get on the Web, just Skype.
Isaac Amponsah: okay when will you
Oliver Gassner: Do you know why?
Isaac Amponsah: what'
Oliver Gassner: Look aout of the window. Do you see me?
Isaac Amponsah: yes
Oliver Gassner: It's too late to run now.
Isaac Amponsah: oh why
Oliver Gassner: Guess.
Isaac Amponsah: you are mad
Oliver Gassner: Well, you cursed me, right? Now I turned mad.
Isaac Amponsah: hxfAZ"
rffffzx.,dszx dx
Isaac Amponsah: DO YOU KNOW TIHS
Oliver Gassner: Yep, somewhat like this ;) Oh, come on. Do you think the world is only half as intelligent as you? Who do you think you are? A master criminal? You will pardon me, I'll have lunch wil the local police president right now.
Oliver Gassner: CU
Oliver Gassner: What is Thrm?

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