brizzly: My new official favorite way to use Twitter

OK, I won't bore you with lots of screenshots of Because I am far too enthusiastric right now to make them.

Brizzly is a new surfac to use twitter. web based but similar to Tweetdeck in functions.

You have the full command over the Twitter functions: Timeline, Direct messages, favorites, saved searches. Images are shown right in te timeline, like with Powertwitter. I am not sure if all servioces are covered. Linked Youtube-Videos are also shown. Short-URLs are expanded for some services obviously (not all).

You can add several Twitter accounts (up to 5! [which sadly won't be enough for me, but I might not need this for all my accounts]) (makes it similar to Hootsuite, Twhirl etc.).

You can group the Twitterers you read in Groups, (Only five, I asked why the limit...).

I suspect that they will rause the limits for paying customers.

Adding people to groups is pretty simple: You klick on their avatar, click on 'Add to groups' and you get a list from which you can chose one or several groups.
When you reply to a tweet or retweet a person no separate page opens but a 'slider box' to the right of the tweet. (I'd like to have that for DM also, please ;) )

The trending topic box is alsothere and... you can comment it. so you KNOW what the weird hashtags mean if someone else explained it. (I am not sure how this is done, by an editorial team or forst come first serve.

What I am missing:
- when I click the avatar I'd also like to have a DM option (or fromthe tweet directly)
- when I click the avatar I see the Number of followers bit not how many ppl the person is followING, I'd like to see both. also something seems to be loading about the person (unfollow? block? last tweets? DM?) but this seems still slow.

To sum it up: brizzly is the way Twitter should look ;)

Update: I asked about the limits and git the answer: "currently we're testing which parts of the system can grow without causing too many headaches and so some things have limits (# of Twitter accounts, # of groups)." So they might monetize another way ;)

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