Dion Hinchcliffe bei de discuss und discover über Enterprise 2.0 (Teil 1)

A lot has happened in the use of social web tools in the enterprise in Germany in the last yer.
Social business is full of new economic and cultural models.

Government 2.0 is a new trend in the US that is getting big even in more conservative circles.

Katrinalist in 2005 was a wakeup call. Very quickly ppl blogged in 10.000 that they were ok and where they are and others aggregated this. Nothing of this was preplanned.

We need more such initiatives inside our companies, in part we have them but don't know how and where to look for them.

Xm radio did "social crm" and cut costs by 30%.

Today not only the enterprise creates value but the network.
We are the conductors of this orchestra. Transparency is key here.
You can even open the supply chains.

We should avoid cargo cults and not only imitate rituals.

Enterprise culture stands against this chabge:
It costs time and money_ there are risks (if or if you dont participate).
In genearl it is people problem.
Changing our thinking is the biggest challenge.
"I do it fulltime for a living -and it is hard for me."

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