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Mathias Roth, iOpus.

"Chrome: why creating products for a new paltform can superharge thir service"
Alertfox: website monitoring startup
Monitoring in real browsers (ie and firefox): AlterFox
- release early & often: worked
- start with basic use-cases
- non-scaleable system saved lots of time (version 2 will be scalable) and helped prioritize
- free accounts were gone soon, less than 10% used it (you can be generous with free versions)
- Purchasebutton from day one, got frst customers on day 1
- paying customers give better feedback than free ones
- extensions open new marketing channels,
-go to a new platform (Crome?)
- With firefox those who hae been there longest make up 50% of the top 100...
- Chrome as a far trickier design than Firefox as far as extensions go, extrensions are not trasferrable
- Few Plugins generate a lot of attenion + first mover advatage is hring BTw ;)
Rainer Maerckle, Holtzbrinck
Copy, adapt or innovate?

Case: Vente Privee (2001)
Many copycats came up in F and E and later in D (buyVIP, Brands for Friends (2007)), limango (both putting stress on different segments or tactics) - bought limango.

What makes an idea successful?
What are the sources of ideas?
Genius? (rarely)
Transfer? (analogy)
Transport (geographicaly, adapt)
Transcode (new twist) (experteer, applicats pay to see the classifieds)
"transprove" (blue ocean strategy), rethink features, improve it for target customer
overtake, copy execute

after idea: screen (market, potential, competition, financials, etc)

select: explicit vs implicit factors (self estimatio, risk aversion, society/standing), assign weights

execution: soft (planning), hard (do)
copy: main risk is competition: low poetantia
adapt: main risk is execution (as first mover), medium potential
innovate, main risk: market, potential: high

Investors disklike risk but like potential.
Founders need to know what steps they are talented in.

Now 3 Mon startup presentations:

Jörg Blumtritt presents:, food for friends
Benedikt Köhler and Michael Reuter an in it, it's about tasking something and has been hacked togehther by the three.
get rid of the middleman, it's local, ppl identify by the way they eat and cook, enablelocal cultures.
(I think that Jörg called it a hobby I guess doe not help...)
producers have to register and are hand picked. (I am stillnot sure I understand what it does.

It's a shop system and there is a catalogue, so it is a joined shop, shop cares for payment, ppl care for delivering, they will earn €€ from provisions.

jens & dirk
Communardo is a software vendor for team collaboration: communote is enterprise microblogging, twitter in the company.
(They do it as a dialoge that takes out some speed...)
(I was interrupted, they say it is better than e-mail and gaines some momentum in the end:))
-> jammer? communote is more topic oriented than ppl oriented (as yammer is)
- difference from google wave is that it works, wave is not ready for enterprise use yet
- 5 businesses use it productively, 100+ use it in testing mode
- free for 10 users.
- microblogging /signalling will be art of every bsuiness communication app
- blue kiwi in race does similar stuff

Rene Kunkel:

really the best presentation yet, he explains the profile of a person, the average person
you can tuen things ideas into polls
you can track personal data and challenge other ppl (how often do you shave, how mich money do you spend on clothes
see #graphme

This is the coolest startup right ow, consumers giving you data about themselves
revenue model: uniqe data depth, all quantifiable, correlations with critical mass, targeted advertising, online panel baased in UGC, information channel for media, white label solution (all convincing...)
Privacy is ensured technically, you can register anonymously, no real names o the platform if you do not wish, all the ID is removed in aggregation.
Jan Philipp Hinrichs,
You fill out captachs for spam protection.
CA uses Online video advertising for captachs.
so you just have a 5-15 sec ad and need to answer which brand it was for, you can incentivise this.
Intentaional patent os pending.

Income is shared with the publisher. is also a customer, handicapped users use it via audio

Browsers are still the same as 20 years ago.
Relevant info should come to the user.
red Panda shows you news in context, fittig to the page you watch.
(too muc time for story, too little exlaining the uniqueness...)

Fully automated contextua browser.

technology for SEM market / google
(war abgelenkt...)

500 ppl are watching the live stream.
***, Philipp Berner, Berlin

Videoshopping is emotional. and now online.
70% online customers miss the experience
vicommerce wants to improve this experience.
Technolofy SaaS.
Links to a timeline in the video.
You can buy the product from the video by cikcng in the timeline

50% higher conversion
50% longer time on site

EA, C&A, ...

Passion for travel
you can book travel but hard to book experiences at your destination.
SearchEngine for local touristic services.
Supplier uploads for free and gets all kindsa stuff (marketng) etc.
B2C, B2B (Partner netwirok)
((Great resenartation BTW with lonsta content etc.)
First steps in Switzerland B2B

Directed Edge
live recommendadzion edge
Amazon like recommendadtion at every site.

Martin szugat>

Help brands market in Social Networks
Branded virtual goods (create higher revenue by factor 3)
Traffic & revenue engine
The respective markets of virtual goods and social media marketing.

matin is even mentionaing market size and possible exit partners.

Terminii, Geert Peeters
* focus on their core business
* gain new and retain old customers

- online scheduling of aaapointments
- send reminders, recalls, CRM
- e.g. for a hairdresser etc. he does not want to go to the telephone.
- appoitments for "winterreifen" at your garage
- ...

*** (valuescope)
some search for key events for professionals (Markus stiefel)

Focussed media monitoring

Boost sales, managers, HR etc. avoid cold calling.
Monitor suppliers or competitors
(he said 'long tail ...9
"sales intelience out to the people" at a competitive price (also for individuals)
(this was very fast but nice slides ... ;) )

And th winner is...
Panel... (Idas blogg ich nicht mehr)
*** drinks

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