Peter Reiser: best Practice in Internal Communications #e20s : People , Community and Value

Reiser 2.0 : Weblog

Peter Reiser is talking at enterprise 2.0 summit. Frankfurt.

Sun did Research on the 5-10 year trends after Web 2.0

The Web Centric Model will be replaced by a people centric model.
?: would your company de if you switched off the intranet?
Intranets are boring, because they are web cetric and not ppl-cenric (like Facebook or IM)

Intranets are 90% static/10% community >- Trend is 90% dynamic, 10% static

Web analytics -> Social value
Contribution and Participation are valued.

People, communities and value are in the center.
Communities are not organizations.

You need values to motivate people.

Dederated arcitecture:
1 Data Model/Store
2 Security Model
3 Federated services (laconica/Confluence)
4 Portal and widgets

Assume we have the coolest tools, will people come?

Community Success factors:
mmfi: make me feel included (what is the common cause, am I valued and listened to?)
wiifm: whats in it for me (can you provide what I need anytime on any channel on any device?)
mmfv: make me feel valued (can we trust and avlue each other?)

Value system: Socia capital
- eBay seller/vendor rating
- Value sytrems directly impact buying/selling behavior

Case: SunSpace
- Community of Community drivers
- The divers are supported and coached
- diverse infrastructure 23.000 websites (!)
- consilidate (the top 10 in a community platform) _> sunspace
- supports formal andorganc communities
- calculates community equity (value, ranking) to promote participation + awarding of 'medals'
- 25.000 users, 4000+ communities, 10* growth in 6 month
- he is @

Internal microblogging ( / laconica) (and it looks nice)
NOT: What is up?
BUT: What are you working on? (name: sweet = sun+(t)weet)
-> Instant knowledge Exchange
- surprise and fun helps

- Personalized search
- alsomost every action starts with search
- nobody is/was happy with internal search
- google is excellet externally

Now we get a closer look at the open source value calculation system.
It looks vers interesting, each tag has rated contributions, prople have a ranking assiged etc.
Each tag has top contributers and top contributions.
Thus you can indetify top experts (Martin Koser is top for #e20s :) ) (so you can also analyse external content?)

Network rating is NOT connected to monetray compensation but to reputational 'promotions'.
(Workers Council rules would be against that ;) )

Lots of policies limit the amout of detail you can see data (e.g. who visited a page > viewable now only by country)

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