stowe boyd @ cch09: The social Revolution, 10 years past, 10 years ahead

stowe boyd - Google-Suche

We don't know what the net is worth

it has a culture of conversation

(his style is a mx of wisecracks and conjectures, he says, read his blog: "/message")

august 199 saw the death of his Newsletter
he discovered 'beehive'
'social tools are emerging'
this would change business and society
marshall Mcluhan: we make our tools and forever after they shape us
they are tools that help us understand what the world means
we don't have a name for the world we are heading to, it is POSteverything, post*

our usage of new media has shifted in share of attention
TV was repurposing radio and the developed its own thing
first old media was pushed through the web
now the web is changing how we percieve media/the world

newspapers are dropping worldwide
we have an awareness of gobalization
media has become part oof market based democacies
cf. J. Rosen
media ruled out non bourgeios groups and individuals
'freedom of the press is grated only to those who own one'
media strongold on global opinion is broken though the web

we have a 'rise of the edge' now
a good network is all edge and no center

after a short time wou wil have 10.000 people reading your blog every month or week)
"and who am I, am just a normal guy"
this is on a pre-industrial sale
it is not necessarily democratic, but everoe can have a voice

a social network was only implicit in blogging
now it has become fused together

this is not a fad, not a shift in taste that will shift back

this is not fighting fpor ppls attention, we have an abundance
we have to learn new ways of perceiving information

we move from asynchroneous e-mail to synchroneyus cat +streams

we move fro secret email to private chat and public streams

we will see more tumbling and twittering
it is differnt from blogging by being a stream
blog: writing - publish - comments
tumblr: I already see the stream while I am tumbling
re-tumbling is easy

people give up blogging because it is not natural to write logn essays

stowe suggested an open tumbling model
so you can cross-tumble...


- 'The individual is the new group' (cf dopplr)
people create relationships, and become hman through others
-> culture

- Small is the new big (smalltalk is big again)
mediacompanies will have to chage their pace -> live stream conversations

- Meaning is the new search
The network of people I know will transport the news to me.

- Time is the new Space
Is each day we worrk really worth the same?
This is a lie.
We will think about life a differnt way.
Connectedess will trump oter obligations.

- Flow is the new center
where you are most connected is where you ll be at home, we will be engies of meaning, filtering and passing along.
(Ignore people who say this is bad.)

- Links are the new storis
'Linkjournalism': short description # link

The 'Post Everything Future'.
Without a sense of belonging we gave alienation and hatred.

We are leaving behind the second class status we had in a mass media culture and become individuals in a social world culture.

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