Creativity World Forum 2009: 2. Kongresstag

Eröffnungsrede "Innovation Driver Creative Industries"
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reinhart MdL, Minister für Bundes- und Europaangelegenheiten und im Staatsministerium

Creativity World Forum 2009: 2. Kongresstag
He gives a broea doverview about the way BW furtthers the creatove indusries
FAZIT, Popakademie mannheim and many many more.
Specially young people are adressed.
we cannot only invest in buildings but in minds.

OG // The englis slogan for BW btw is "Where ideas work.2 I like THAT ;) (OG)

BW is a leading film education with its film academy in Ludwigsburg.
Alumni are in berlin, paris and the Neterlands.
There are special areas for animation and VFX where BW is one of the leading locations in germany.
here creativity and technology merge.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, no safety first.
BW is investing and increasing to invest in this area.

New technology might replace many things but neve the effect of a personal convesaion.
he wishes is many of those here.

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