Creativity World Forum 2009 Ludwigsburg

Zuerst die Moderatorin, dann mfg-Chef Klaus Haasis.
Und ich bin nach 1 Fieberfreien Tag wieder Back in Business? Nur mein Husten klingt noch beeindruckend.
Creativity, chance are c words like computers consulting and many more, we live in the c-age.

3 trends

it-gipfel will be next week in the Stuttgart area.

we dream ideas into a blue sky with clouds, cloudcomuting will be like a dream. The cloud will be green.

Interfaces to the digital will become analog.
We see hank again, the digital puppet that is developed in baden-wuerttemberg.

The world has a lot of room for creativity, let's use it.

Creativity World  Forum 2009 Ludwigsburg

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