Hartmut Esslinger, frog design at Cwf09

Hartmut Esslinger helped built the macintosh shell
he apoligizes for using microsoft ppt, graphics are shitty
he is somewhat mumbling

cteativity is about doing something new
designers are half talendetd
we are not arrsts, we only use visual and atirics elements for a higher goal

what they need and dream
create a roduct
with science

Business and finance made a deal with teh devil,
designers need to understand how to stay awqay from that problem

ecology and resources come into it

teamwork is the future

Convergence is a challenge
(og: hey this guy uses 13pt Times on his slides, argh ,) but he is wearing a pink shirt ;) )

Open source Design is both overrated and misunderstood

- find partners who are leaders
- dont hire cheap people
- he made more mney as an intern than the choef desiger at bosch

design quality is not a matter of democracy
- promote where poelpe are strong, find other people to counter the weaknesses
- do you want to be the best (apple) or the most effective (dell)
- never accept mediocricy
- iPhone 8% market share 32% pritif in mobile
- less sales but more profit than nokia
- design with childern
- every human is born a creative bein
- designed a walkietaky for disxney
- kids want dreams
- people do not have infinite money, 100 dollar Mickeymouse-TV

Green & Social
- we need new politics
- we cannot change the current model from the bottom up
- reen must not be boring
- recycling is only damage control, we need to do sth in the early design state (og: heute gehört: cradle to cradle)
- work on green issueson all stages

open Source design
- some no longer file patents so they do not have to reveal the tech and have a 6 month advantage
- agriculture, kitchen tools: unchages for thousands of years
- tarffic signs are 'open'
- all TVs look alike, it is boring already
- all Golfs look alike, no extra safety for young driers, no adjustment for old drivers
- no cultural interface with people, they do not care for human interaction
- ipod existed in its modules, apple combined them

Money buys, emotion sells.

Creativity is easy, overcoming the obstacles is hard.

you need olistic education.
Inspired culture
Corporate excellence
Joy of taking risks


Our schools are organized like the militarty, have you ever seen creative military?
Dogmatic educatoion
.... etc. (jeweils das gegenteil des obigen)

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