Karl-Steinbuch-Stipendium: Pitches

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1) Online demonstrarionplatform, you pixeldemo.de you show the intensty on how much you agree or disagree, depending on yur opinion a pixel is placed, and a oppinion landscape is created.
the site is no online yet.

Vote on. CREATIVITY SHOULD be carbon free.
(This netbook keeps going into caopslock anit is very darf here ;)


Thermskey, Nico Palme
A new way to cut out thactors for greenscreen/bluescreen
a theropicture is talken at the same time with the vusial recordng and one can now cut out living thngs.
it makes postproduction easier
it is a usebale prototype

thermo cam is a militarty technology, we had to sign that we are not terrorists.


Christian Scheelen, Quality Control for Microscopic Images

software for detecting errors in microscopic images
the scientists study hiv

in a short amount of time thousands of iamges are recovered
some images have errors bevcause of hair
this increases the quaity of the research resulty

they are using a graphcs card optimized for computer gaming.
they can parallel process this way and be more effective

Soundbarrel Axel Schlenker
it is an interactive sound installation

he did it istead of writing a thesis for his studies

zultrasonic sensors divide the room into sectors and you mix sounds by moving through them

it can be used as art, in school, for marketing

barrel 2.0 will be combine sounds with video with projectors/screens


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