Female Decade #DLD

(all quotes just very roughly giving the idea.)

On the panel:
Cécilia Attias (Cecilia Attias Foundation for Women)
Beth Brooke (Ernst & Young)
Ria Hendrikx (Deutsche Post DHL)
Gabi Zedlmayer (HP)
Randi Zuckerberg (Facebook)
moderated by: Steffi Czerny (DLD Co-Founder)

Schedule 10 | DLD - Digital, Life, Design Conference in Munich
** Some liveblogging on the last day 8I am here since lunch yesterday, but was talking to really great ppl a lot, thanks @heiko 4 the invite.
- Cecilia does a platform helping other organizations with infrastructure and logisitc help for women projects globally. Like in Afghanistan, Cambodia (against women trafficking). She helped the 'Lybian Nurses and consequently started this foundtaion.

- Beth In the US even ppl who have nthing find a way to give. One of the biggest gifts you can give (to young women) is mentoring. We spent too much time talking about women as victims instead of talkig abt them as enginges of growth.
- Gabi helps bring education to afica and tries to stop brain drain in the developing world. "I don't hae a midlife croses; I don't own a racecar." (While telling a story about being the only women in a tech world.)

- Randi does current events and plitics at Facebook. eben in 2004/2005 we noticed something powerful: many ppl organize on volunteeing and non profits.

- Ria: he industry is seen as dominated by males. It is hard to project our image towards women. I have ot seen too mich changing regarding projects we started 20 years ago, this is sad. But we have seen some changes and I am happy to share some insides.

C: How come we have a femalse session, and why are we in the samll room? we fight for the same things as men and try to raise our kids and try to make the world better. I have a wish for next year. women in every session. i WANT TO HAVE MY DAUGHTERS TO HAVE THE SAME CHACES THTAN MY SON; THT IS MY VISION: (sorry capslock)

- beth: Women still ea less than men, you have to change that. Diversity outperforms homogeneous groups, so the case for women is clear. we do not value their participation yet.
Use the 90iers stratey: just do it. In some areas we have a stadstill or even go backwards. 10 years ago I did not see the issue. hen I saw that I could bake a diersty comtribution.

- Gabi: I got into the racecar and did an extra round. I look forward and try to understad the past. Fundamental changes to how we live are happening now. nOW WE CAN CROWDSOURCE AND SAVE A LOT OF MONEY. Gener becomes invisible, we become mobile and I don't een have an office as a VP op HP. and I don't have an assistant brnging coffe. We still have the boardroom issues but many tings are changig, we have 13% women on boards in the uS and 11% inEeurope. Tis is not yet enough, I ahve bys at home and they need to understand what is going on.

- Beth: Opting oit is sthill the choice of women, not that of men.

- Ria:There are traditinal businesses where pe0le can't wrk in a mobile way, biut we indeed need to use all th eposssbilityies. We need to be more self confident, women often feel gulty and we have to come across this in some way.

- C: we are women and mothers and working women, we have to deal with those challenges atbthe same time. We need daycare. We can be as performing as the others but we need support by the giernment.

- Randi: Gir4ls 13 to 17 on Facebookin majority prefer male bosses. that was shocking to me, for world economic forum we are doing live polls on Facebook. Biut ther is a lot of change going on as far as gender roles are concerned, een in the developing world.

- beth: Hillary Clinton was the only erson to introduce family friendly legislation.

- Gabi: "It if was the Lehman sisters it would not have happend" was a quote I heard
Beth; I know many ppl wo'dm agree

- .Ria: we need to convice wolemmn than they can do it and we need to crete the facilities to elp them manage. at DHL we creted female ambassadors that convince the bosses and the female coworkrs that things ned to change.

- Beth: The male alliance is key, there are men CEOs who are stong allies in this.

Visitors: 130 male speakers, 15 female speakers

Visitor finland. femaile president , free daycae, the % of boardmembers is not higher.

C. women are shy, they lack the confidemce because they have husbands that prefer them to be at home. IT is very important because behind the screen we are all equal.

Visitor: How does women going to war (US soldiers with command experience) influence the next 10 years (his dhaughter is deployed)?

Beth: women command but on the top the numbers do not change, I am not convinced and that is unfortunate.

RANDI. Haiti help in the goernment is mainly due to women leadershi.
beth: When in Hauti stuff was not getting where it meant to go they chaged the stuff to go thoug women, now it works better.

Visitor: Vision: More women on panels about innovation etc. we need to put women in situations where they are creative and invent. What can we do in education?

Ria: lets also concentrate on the boys (to teach them that ...) It is biological: woen bear the childeren and the emotional bond cannot be ignored.

Q 2 steps in the next 2 years:
- confidence
- knowledge (developing world also)
- facilitate their work and let them be equal
- top: multinational companies neeed to commit to shift their management and board member numbers
- microenterprises for women enterprises, social media is a big opportunity there
- we have to make the talented women come vack when they have children, they must not get stuck
- make computng and IT fun for small children of any age
- randi: I will connect women around the world to drive change via Facebook, I commit to that in front of you.
- bring more women to the top ranks, mixed management teams are better in crises, taht is a proven fact.
- Title 9: Equal sports programs for men and women, women learn to compete and work in teams.

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