Location: Foursquare| DLD - Digital, Life, Design Conference #dld

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Dennis Crowley (Foursquare)
moderated by: Rafat Ali (Paidcontent)

Schedule 10 | DLD - Digital, Life, Design Conference in Munich

he did Vineo for Palm, sold dodgeball to google and then after 2 years started fourquare.
All location based services.

Question was: How do I make location based services fun BEFORE you have a whole lot of friends on them?

iPhone, Android and Blackberry exists now. (+palm?)

Foursquare males cities easier to use: combining a fruendfinder with a city guide.
We don't make plans, we just check in; it is a twiter focused on location.
Right now we are focused on hiring not on getting VCs, but we will talk about that.

(...) hard to understand as ppl around me are talking I'll end this

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