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Link Value
Marc Cenedella (Theladders.com)
Stephan Gross Selbeck (XING)
Reid Hoffmann (Linkedin) (he was on seperately)
Nazar Yasin (Forticom)
moderated by: David Kirkpatrick ("The Facebook-Effect")

Schedule 10 | DLD - Digital, Life, Design Conference in Munich

cendella: doung a Job network for 100k+$ Jobs
nazar Yasin: Software for loCal social networks (pretty big combined)
Stefan. XEO XING, Joh. 1, 14
Das Wort ward Fleisch und wohnte unter uns, und wir sahen seine Herrlichkeit. german speaking markets

Stefan: Agree with most of what Reid said, private and professional network will stay seperate. "Dienst ist Dienst und Schnaps ist Schnaps." people move in different contexts.
We conecentrate on value and are very inerwoven with the local commnities.
We have the Ambassadors, community members hat work woth local communities. Global netwoks are also more shallow.

Marc: Local Networks are attractive, but people really want to connect also on a local level. Deeper networks also create more revenue per user.

Stefan: There are events, XIG combines online and offline activities. The equation does not chage because Facebook has a cerrtain size. hat does not ake my boss my fried on facebook. People also flirrt on business websites, but the context is different.

What if other professional networks buid on top of facebook as an infrastructure?

Stefan: I agree, this changes th ecoomis. FB-Connect will tuen user acquisition ain a commodity. So this helps us as well. There will be was to make this work for us.

nazar: There will not be 'one ring to rule them all', as now the differet operating systems cater to differet markets

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