Remember The Milk: Widgets and GTD-Contexts on the Nexus One

I just posted the following at the Remember The Milk - Forums / Tips & Tricks.

As I finally own a Nexus One I tried to optimize then way I use RTM-widgets there and the way I spread my apps over the 5 screens.

I came up with the following way:

I use the 5 screens of the Nexus One as "contexts" and combine both the appropriate applications with the fitting 'view' a RTM-widget offers me for these contexts.

And this is how it looks:

- main screen: Calendar widget, RTM "todays tasks"-view (a smartlist), Brightness widget, Phonewidget, SMS-widget, battery widget, Postit-Note-widget for Capture, Off-button for 2G/3G data traffic, Checklist-program (for lists what I have to take with me on different occasions so that I do not forget the cables for the mobile or other stuff), camera. I usually have data traffic in 2G/3G off while I am at home cause there I am using the wifi signal.

- 'Errands' context screen for when I am away from Home: Errands-RTM-Widget (a tab), Google Maps, Foursquare, GPS-Tracker, Qype Radar and similar apps I want to see when I am travelling

- a screen for News widgets, weather, RSS reader and Google search, this one does not have an RTM Widget, this is in a way my 'Newspaper' (this is not really a context but more a use case of the smartphone)

- A sceen I call my 'Office': RTM work-tasks-widget (tab), RTM "waiting for" widget (a tab) and a tag-generated RTM widget with my project list, the 4 apps are: Gmail, Contacts, Clock (with alarms) and the browser

- The last screen is my 'home and fun' screen: RTM widget for the 'home' context, some games for the kids and ... me ;) This screen also has the energy-saving bar where I can turn on and off synching, GPS and wifi. (Because I switch that on and off mainly when I am coming home or leaving.)

I am rather happy with this thematic/contextual sorting of RTM-widgets and the approprite apps.

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  1. sweet, great info, thanks for sharing! helps me understand the nexus and gives me some ideas for using it!


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