10 Proven Ways to Identify Yourself As A Twitter Spammer

10) Follow several accounts of the same person within a short perioid of time. Preferrably those accounts that are not even used for tweeting.

9) Unfollow everyone within 24 hours who follows you back by mistake after you followed them. (How could they be so naive?)

8) Send a meaningless auto-DM after somebody followed you. (Use this text please: "Thanks for following, I will follow you back.[you already did, I followed you back, remember?] Looking forward to your tweets.")

7) Have a nickname with a number. Or better: Have an nickname comprised of a female name and a number. Preferrably an implied birthdate in the very early 90ies.

6) Have a nickname that is not a word or name. (Can't find any in my followings, I either blocked them already or they have already unfoillowed ;) )

5) Have a nickname that has "buy", "money", "dollar" or "rich" in it and combine it with the above: DollarLucie1991 #ftw

4) Don't show your face on your avatar, show a logo or better a naked female body (if necessary: the face of an attractive blonde) from some free image gallery or stolen from the web.

3) Don't react if anyone sends you an @ message.

2) Twitter only and exclusively about 'get thousands of followers for free schemes', credit cards and free ebooks on becoming an social media expert. If you have no idea about those you can maybe automatically reweet people who do already figured it out. Buy my free e-book to see how. (Joke. Ha.)

1) Have everything (like: following by keyword and unfollowing 6 hours after a follow) on autopilot, several retweetbots for your stuff and only feed your account with the RSS from your spamblogs on blogspot. Watch my free video workshop on how to... ok, kidding again.

Bonus Track:
Make sure to mention that you are a Twitter expert in your short profile.

If you do all of the above steps normal tweeple have a much better chance to block you quickly ;) Thanks.

PS: Yes, we have these guys in Germany, too. Argh.

PPS: Best thing to do is to report these accounts as spam. (And to spread this text ;) ) Thanks.

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