Geschichte und Zukunft des Homo empathicus

Dieses Video illustriert ganz gut meinen Satz, dass mich das Netz nur insoweit interessiert als man damit die Welt retten kann.

Ton's Interdependent Thoughts: Empathic Civilization

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  1. I'm not educated but I think you missed some points, though this is not to be understood as criticism to your person but only to some of the statements in the video:

    - hospitality experienced with tribes: explorers welcomed or even saved, pilgrim fathers tolerated and helped by indians, hospitality in general towards foreigners one may even never see again. It exists, i know it.
    please don't answer with: they are afraid, religious or other extrinsic motivation but regard that perhaps this people still know that mankind wouldn't have survived so far if in the beginning it would had started with competition instead of caring for each other.
    - religion unites more people than nationality
    - true religiosity is based on free will (not easy to understand/feel for non religious people), experience, meditation and belief understood as conviction and not as it is understood today, giving it a negative touch.
    - true religiosity unites people even when belonging to different religions because the fundamental ideas are similar, the details differ. And so they have more in common with each other, than with atheists. (e. g. belief that there must exist more than the small human intellect. Religious people are often seen as narrow minded, but not to see the own boundedness reveals a truly limited intellect.)


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