Barcamp Bodensee 2010 #bcbs10- Countdown

Barcamp Bodensee starts tomorrow evening and lasts till Sunday 18:00.

I just booked my train ticket for tomorrow and will be there from around noon. stop by and help us set tings up ;) )

We have really great and helpful sponsors (after we first really struggled), check the out on the web page.

We will have a free city tour Friday at 16:00 (a first?)
We will have a get together with processo, grilled sausages and cocktails (!) and beer and softdrinks Friday at 1830.
We will have 30 free beds (no breakfasts ;)) and breakfast for all on the barcamp site at HTWG at 9:00 on Sat and Sunday.
We will have up to 50 free BIKES (carbon reduction, yay) again as in 2008.
We have a great logo and the coolest barcamp POLOS to date. (with a stitched logo!)
We will have great wifi (I hope ;) ).
We will have comprehensive 'all U need 2 know' infosheets (and double sided nametags).
We will have a great get together on Saturday (again with drinks & food) and even coffee and cake in the afternoon, a wine tasting as a last session Saturday.
We will hopefully have many BC newbies (welcome).
We will have a jobboard - as the crisis is OVER ;) ...
and we will have late night werewolf-Sessions, who would have guessed.
We will have excellent weather. (Ok, rain on Sunday but that is only because we will be sad to leave bcbs - and to make it easier to say goodbye and to wash away some of the tears ;)

And of course:

We will have ample interesting and enlightening, educational and fun sessions and many rooms - if they are not enough we can open up an extra LEVEL of rooms ;)

And we will have a bunch of new friendships all across Europe and some more people in love... with Lake Constance ;).

We will have barcampers from France (even Paris, yay!), Denmark, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria and Germany (afaik).

BCBS is the second barcamp in Germany that is truely international besides the barcamp in Berlin:
Whenever a session is attended or held by someone not speaking German the session language wil be English. The Camp-Orga-Language is English.

We are one tiny step closer to the dream of a 'Barcamp in the Middle Of Europe' where we all exchange handshakes, and smiles and knowledge and dreams about what we want to do with internet and society alike.

We were not really successful in getting people here from GB, Italy, Spain, The vatican (kidding), eastern neighbors, BeNeLux and the rest of Europe or even the US. I am afraid my energy did not last that far.
But I hope we can re-live and re-vive the spirit of 2008 and inspire more people to help along with this dream so that it will become a dream of all of us.

We had a wifi crisis, a coffee crisis, a beer crisis, a 'roof over the head if it should be raining' crisis, a 'too early curfew crisis' and the team really killed all of those.

Special thanks to Patric, Patric and Patric, Ute, Martin, Harald, Thomas G&K, Stephan, Susanne & all the others, who jumped in, supported the project all the way or sometimes did only the tiny thing at the right time when it was really really really needed. Thanks to all of you if you jusnt lend a hand during these 2 days whenever it is needed.

OK, happy campers, let's barCAMP.

PS: Ute blogged the shirt:

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