Barcamp Bodensee / Lake Constance - My summary

Ok, it might be somewhat early to do a summary of bcbs10, but I have some stuff in mind.

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First for the negative points:
- I wish we had made the commitment to make bcbs carbon negative, including all travel there. Which would have implied a meatless camp also. (U can eat meat on the other 363 days of the year if you wish to do that)

- We should have thought of the people drinking tea, sorry.

- It is OK if you hand out materials about your company in personal talks or in your presentation. It is rather respectless
* facing the sponsors, to cutter their materials with yours, after all they sponsor ALSO to gain visibility.
* facing the team to have them throw away your advertising material instead of removing the stuff yourself.

- Having all the tax and customs issues were not really great. and I hated the solution I had to use (use my company as a "buffer" for the funds to flow through which will (among others) raise my costs for tax consulting). But I had no other way to do it at short notice that I could come up with. (This applied to more than 70% of the budget.)

- Having little sponsoring in the beginning and lots of money in the end led to stress and the grade of organizational creativity I would like to have avoided.

- Nowshow was not really a problem, it was 30% and I had accounted for 25% (plus extra on Sunday), so the 5% error margin was ca. 10 people, i can live with that. (It would have been well below 30% had I sent messages to remind people to sign out, but as shirts and food had already been ordered I had nothing to gain but cosmetics from a step like that)

- Although I feel I worked enough for the camp I loaded a lot of work on Patric in the last weeks. Anyone else might have tuned his back on the projekt. He did not. Lucky me. Lucky us. Thanks again. (And his girlfriend also smiled at me, so I guess I am safe.)

- Se lost a 'Sackkarre' and the (5-10 Kilos of) cake we wanted to use for the Sunday afterparty of the team (this has not showed up yet). Our best guess is that some employee of the HTWG took it cause they thought we wanted to throw it away (???) (has anyone seen that stuff on Sunday around 17:30 or 18:00?.

- we had acoustic and disciplinary problems at the startup introduction/session presentation, we maybe should have done that in room 007 (whch we discussed and discarded)

- I feel I need an orga break again, if someone wants to do 2011 I will gladly help with advice, but ... 2012 I can imagine to play a more central role again.

- While I was unhappy with parts of the team in the preparation phase I could almost completely draw out of orga during the barcamp (I knew I had x more hours to work on accounting after that AND I was pretty burned out after the last days before the camp,... ...). So my unhappyness subsided. This is a good transistion point to the positive.


- We thought we had lost a passport (and someone must have found it and did not hand it in) but we did not really lose it in the first place.

- We thought someone had 'taken' the Droidcamp-coffee, which also proved wrong ;)

- We were darn lucky with the weather AGAIN (as soon as we had finished cleaning up liquid hell boke loose). I have no idea how we would have fared had it rained. (even the strandbar would have been closed then.)

- Somebody said to me: "I feared the 2008 location could not be topped. But you did it." I Still think Zeppelin University was great but HTWG had some positive aspects (mainly the strandbar, actually). I preferred the youth hostel soultion of 2008 and the way party and baracmp were totally at the same place. If we could add indoor camping this would even be better. Some stuff at HTWG did not make orga happy, but we might be able to work on that.

- everybody had a good time and was nice to each other, yay for you!!!

- we have some new werewolf-fans (and should have played on Friday, too)

- I liked the mix of sessions between environmental issues, tech topics, newbie sessions and above all, the wine tatsing which proved to be a major PLUS and one I had not anticipated as a highligt before (we just need the wine colder next time)

- We were rather successful to make tthe barcamp more international tripling (2->7) the number of French visitors, increasing the number of Swiss visitors (we failed regarding Austria but will try to fix this), we had 1 dutch (via CH) and one Dane (via @frogpond),and 2 Serbs which I counted as French as they came from Strasbourg, 1 of the 7 French was a German working in France), but we have to get better here. Much much better. First steps have been initiated ;) (See my earlier posting on an international barcamp organizer network.)

- I personally reached my goal to get to know many people from the area better AND attract internationals and Germans from all over the country to the lake.

OK, let's barcamp again sometime.

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