International Barcamps: a European Network (Barcamp Bodensee)

Welcome to a new google group: International Barcamps.

It was founded to promote barcamps friendly to international users, to figure out best practices for thos camps and to help get the word aroud on camps that will adjust to visitors not speaking the local language.

We discussed certain international issues in the session
- just is pull
- the international mailinglist has a global scale
- camps in Switzerland, germany, Alsace , France and Austria use diferent means to communicate to their visitors
- big camps in France or elsewhere are only in the native language of their area (Barcamp Berlin is an exception)
- Barcamps in smaller countries (like barcamp Kopenhagen) suffer from a smal visitor base that could be profiting from visits from neighbors
- we need a network to talk about best practices and tell each other about planned camps
- we would like to tell our natonal audences ablout camps worth visiting who are friendly to international visitors
- or focus is mainly European but we sure extend our invitations to organizers bordering on Europe

So if you want to do international camps or wouldlike to help the word around in your country or community: please join.

Basic set for best practices (tbd):
- the organizing language of the camp is English (for wiki, messages and in real life)
- whenever a visitor who does not speak the local language is present in a session it will be in English
- the camp is to be promoted in several (neighboring) countries

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  1. Good idea ! And I've just received a request this morning to do an International BarCamp in Strasbourg :)

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