Vuvuzela-EX - free noise canceling MP3(Fake / Art project)

Habs nicht getestet, Einsatz ohne Gewähr ;)

Funktrionieren tut aber wohl der Vuvuzela Filter:


Vuvuzela-EX (R)

Stops the Hum of Bees for free

In nearly every corner of the world people play football today, FIFA
says. The victory of capitalism goes parallel to the structures of
sports. And yes, swarms win and make all faces equal. Anyhow some of
them produce their very own sound in the stadiums. This communistic
expression of life sucks. But fails. No democratic
reasoning will help. Fanfares are permanently disturbing the cup.
And as we all know John Cage was wrong. We can't give back the voice
to the peoples. Vuvuzelas kill!

Vuvuzelas (do not confuse with German Kicker Uwe Seeler) and noisy fan
trumpets are disorganised horns. All in all it's a bad black false
uproar. They can't be brought into line. In the name of freedom: This
new apartheid must be stopped!

38317 has developed the perfect tool and instrument against the pest.


Save your home XXL - Download the 45 min. Vuvuzela-EX (R) mp3 NOW!


(82.3 MB, 256 Kbps, 44100 Hz, Stereo)

Burn Audio CD, play it loud two times during the football/soccer match
on TV (2 x 45:00) and enjoy. Please don't worry, this MP3 is not
empty. The incredible unhearable subliminal frequencies on the track
will eliminate the hum of bees damn straight!

Vuvuzela-EX (R) is a quality product by

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  1. geht nicht !!!!13. Juni 2010 um 18:58


    1. Yep, es handelt sich wohl um ein 'Kunstprojekt', der Filter in dem anderen verlinketen Posting geht aber wohl.

  2. It works. It works !!!! Thank you Dude.

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