LeWeb No 7 2010 Program Highlights: "Because it is in Paris"

I will be there and I guess it is almost 15 years since I have been in Paris.
And already I read a lot of names in the 'Official Bloggers' gang who I have met.
Ayele Noff from Israel, Andrea Vascellatr, the Italian from Finland, DRagan Vargacic (I hope I spelled that right) from Serbia and of course Martin Koser who will join me as one of the official bloggers from Germany.
And I hope to get to meet some other people (again) who I met at reboot (in 2006) and other places.

YouTube - LeWeb 2010 Program Highlights
And of course I am highly anticipatory to see all the new and former Startups the 'next Twitter' and the 'next Facebook' there ;) (And I wonder if I recogmnize them if I see them). I will also have the chance to meet some people who I have had business contact with before and who are located in Paris. and of course some of the starts like Marissa Meyers, Kevin Rose and so on and so on.

And it's gonna start off with some blogger-cuddling on a boat on the Seine ;)

Well, see you all there.

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  1. Hey O.

    looking forward to meet you after two years again, no doubt it's going to be awesome conference.

    And yes, Dragan Varagic is correct spelling :)


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