Countdown to #LeWeb 10

I am still pretty excited to be at LE Web for the first time. I imagine it to be a mix of reboot, Web 2 Expo and NEXT and am already lookng forward to meet some of my Serbian friends from 3 years ago and some other people from all ver Europe. And also of course to meet Loic again and some other people from across the big pond.

Yesterday evenng I arrived at Frogpond Headquaters just to get up today at 4:50 after yesterday evening we discussed a wide multitude of getting to stuttgart for out 6:50-Train we decided to take the rsk and take the car.
That worked out fine and the TGV from Stuttgart to aruis was only 30 min late - which was no problem as most of the time Andreas Dittes was with us and we discussed a wide variety of topics as Linkedin vs. XING, 4h-Projects etc,
At Prais est we met Andreas Pilz and went to the Etap Hotel near Les Docks where we are checking out the Free Wifi at the moment (we make a pretty weird Image in the, ehm, Lobby Type thing they have here.
Paris is swarming with snow and pretty wet. Soon we will try to grab something to eat (no lunch yet) and will then go to the pre-LeWeb behind-the scenes Event at les Docks followed by Blogger- and LeWeb-Party on a boat ( near Notre Dame.
Well, as my INbox is at Zero and we are pretty hungry I hope we will be off to out late lunch (in relation to our breakfast) soon ;)
CU at one of the pre-events

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