Facebook Workshop @ LeWeb'10

Facebook Workshop . Swag: First ever Facebook scarves.

Understanding the People Powered Web with Facebook
Christian Hernandez, Head of Business Development, EMEA

1.5 years ago they crossed 300.000.000 Users.
Now Facebook is at over 500.000.000.

Facebook was and is based on real identity.
Last week the new profile view. It brings the profile to the foreground.
The average number of connections is 130.
Facebook is aggregation of 'objects' accompanying through the day.
You can receive messages from brands and celebrities.
The open graph allows and URL on the web to have a spical identity on the web.

You can discover objects based on what your frrinds have liked and partners can build a social experience on their site.

Wen want to be THE place for social and sharing on the web.
The web has 80 Million pages, Facebook has 5000 million ppl +.

Starbucks has 14+ million Facebook likes, and 1.8 Million website users.

He calls fans follwoers ;)
Building a revolution on how you surf the web.
Peolke help you serach and discover stuff that is relevant to you.
Owered by the like button.

The First person to click on like reates a note for this URL.
People who come from facebook to a site come with a social recommendation.

200 Million active games on Facebook. Biggest game platform. Bigger than Xbox and serveral others combined.

Social Commerce drives discovery and purchase.
Media use Facebook as a traffic driver.
Social Music: browse the playlists of your friends, drives traffic to spotify.
Social Appstores. Appsfire & connection to Facebook on iPhone and Android.
Social TV, discover and chat on live programs.
iPLayer to watch TV series later.
Social Ads based on likes or boiugh products by friends.
Places & Social Local Deals.

The paradigm is n o longer 'browsing pages' but ' browsing your social graph'.

Building your Brand on Facebook
Xavier Leclerc, Account Manger

Ad Best practices:
- target well
- use multiple creatives
- use images
- think outside of the keyword paradigm, think who might be interested in your brand/service
- nobody is interetsed in planetickets but ppl might be fanbs of traveling
- write simple text
- highlight best offers
- avoid ad fatigue (swap images etc.)

- foodstore wants to promote family/baby articles
- we make your life easier
- contest, game, win a nurse to take care of your baby for one year
- consstent voice, publish continually, help families

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