Google Apps and Realtime Team Collaboration (Workshops at LeWeb 10)

E-Mails, Kalender, Dokumente und Intranet-Websites für Ihr Unternehmen / Google Apps für Unternehmen.

"The Way we are working today is not working."
- Information overload
- Collaboration is central
- we need Access Anywhere

Gartner 8 of 10 spent dollars on IT contribute nothing to business success.

Google provides solutions for all these challenges in a cloud based environment, also with interfaces to mobile access via integrated android devices.

A sandbox to erate own applications like in java can be integrated in Google Apps without the need to create a hardware or software environment on the spot.

We see a document edited in powerpoint that is automatically synched to Google Docs and can be edited by both or several users at the same time.
This is done via Google cloud connect.
An open document with collaborators will be automatically synch the changes.
You can stimm work in your accustomed environment.
You do not need to email docments.
No need to switch to google docs completely is necessary.

II. Real Time translation in Gdocs or gmail on all platforms (web, android etc.)

QR Coding and visualisation

- Continuous innovation
- automatic upgrades
- +60 apps added to Google apps also from partners
- Priority inbox
- consumer and business apps have been added so you can use them inside the company now
- any service can be accessed anywhere from the (chrome) browser, no installation necessary

- Collabration even on an ipad is possible
- The administrator consile can be used to set standard setting, adjust them individually by companmny or account
- This way you can change passwords if hardware is stolen/lost, set security policies, wipe the device etc. Device passwords can be forced/chaned via Google apps.

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