LeWeb: Opening Day 2 & Yossi Vardi's Keynote

Geraldine and Loic on stage.
More than 180.000 watched the Ustreams yesterday.
There was a ice/Taxi problem yesterday but LeWeb does not control them (yet).

Yossi Vardi is talking about he wisdom of the crowds.
And he shows a pic of a sleeping loic yeszreday evening at the hotel at 10:30 PM ;)
Schools of fish and ants demonstrate crowd-effects.
We see ants forming bridges so that the others can travel faster.
In Columbia 1.1 million people demonstared aganst drug trafficing.
We see many pics of crowds.
Carzyisest is one of a swimming pool in Tokio.

"The universe and human stupidity are infinite. I am not sure about the first one." (Einstein)

Amazon tells you what others bought.

Well a rather random but entertaining talk.

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