LeWeb'10 Opening & keynote by Carlos Ghosn on "The mass produced zero emission affordable electric car."

Loic and Geraldine Lemeur are opening LeWeb, that grew from themed Blogger-meetings with 20-40 people to LesBlogs with 250 people to LeWeb with roughly 3000 attendants this year.

Program | LeWeb'10

The site is LesDocks with 3 building: main stage, nespresso lounge and the startup building.

One facebook.com/leweb you can vote for your startup and it will get a prize.

Networking is done with a presdo net and there are apps for all major smartphones.

LeWeb itself is a platform and a toolbox to get inspred AND angel funded.

Last year half a million euro was raised.

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman & CEO, Renault S.A. & Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
dies the keynote .

It is very hard for bruck and mortar companies to think out of the box.
The automotive industry was created by pioneers and innovators.

Renault patented the tubocompressor 75 years before it hit the market and crteaed the direct transmission that was adopted by all competitors.

IT has been innovating at a fast pace but the automotve industry has not matched this.

Automotve hates innovation because the risk is too high: the entry ticket to a new line of models is 2 billion euros,

The Japanese Kaizen model of continuous optimization was replacing the Ford model of speed and cheapness.

The New Megane will have the same amout of IT in it than the first airbus 6??.
With one tank filling you will be able to go the 600 km from Paris to Warshaw.

- Environment, severe action will have to be taken to counter global warming
- oil price, 25% is consumed by cars
- individual mobility in developing countries, in 2020 2 billion cars will be circulating in the world

The vnbasic need for individual transport will not change.
Right now cars are seen as the problem and they need to become the solution.

The most important innovation:
The mass produced zero emission affordable electric car.

Batteries will have a reasomalble cost and be clean.
Little vibration and noise lead to a rethinking of the archiceture of the cars. (And of cities/ OG)
This will need state support to be affordable until scale efects take that role.

The Nissan Leaf has been made car of the year in Europe

A risk has to be analysed and balanced, 4 billion euro has been invested at Renault and Nissan. Bi Shosn is positive that there will be even more pre.orders all around the world.

Need is the mother of innovation and scepticism is the father. Many naysayers have had issues with security, clenness etc.
Similar ssues have been made with cellphones at 1 kilo weight, high price, 10h loading cycles, 30 mn talking time etc.

The electric car is a platform like the phone system. Phones providfe communication, cars provide autonomous transportation. And there will always be a need for both.

I will liveblog the major topics that I am attending to, might do some interviews on the side and will deliver all the small stuff in bookmarks (that are blogged here every morning autogaically) and the very monor observerations in (re)tweets. Platform cover basic needs.

(will be updated)

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