LinkedIn: Workshop at LeWeb

The LinkedIn Workshop at LEWeb with Deep Neshar.

We are promised:
"Learn how the LinkedIn Platform is spreading professional identity across the web and how you can take advantage. Increase customer relevance and engagement with your site or application by incorporating unique LinkedIn features and content, including over 85 million profiles, professional graphs, and updates. Are you [in]?"

* Americans spend 8.8 hrs/ day @ work.
* Only 61% of the people are happy with their work in the 80ies.
* Today it is 45%

Linkledin's mission is to connects the wortlds professionals to make them more productive.

85 Million members
50% are outside the US.
Member #80 Million was from Dijon, France.

* We help you tel your professional story
* Your story is dynamic.
* All fieds in LinkedIn are avaiable to develeopers to remix them, like in the Networking Tool For LeWeb, Presdo.
* One of the targets: Achieve your career aspirations
- CV
- Know your network
- How do people know U are the right person to aks.
- Use the social graph for that
- leverage your inside connections

Kevin Eyres; Managing Director Europe at LinkedIn, Chairman at Spoonfed Media

- Largest country of Linkedin in Europe is UK with 5 Million users (OG: DACH XING hst 6-7 Million)
* Three offices in Europe up to now, looking to have more
* ...

N. Deshar about Developer network. launchend at LeWeb last year
Open program, R/W REST APIs, JSON, Oauth.

Now Marco Kaiser oif Seesmic about integrating.
Seesmic builds client experiences around social networks like twitter, Facebook, linkedin.
Users requested to have lnkedin integrated.
It is inttegrated in the Desktop App and Webclients
The sdk and API are good to use.

I asked about.

Linkedin in Germany:
People get value from connections, the lahrger the network is value will go up.
We have the fastest grwoing network in germany.
There were studies in Geramnyn that rated LInkedin as the most secure network in Germany.
We have a responsibility to look after your privacy in the right way.
Members have only access to their own data via the API.


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