Marissa Ann Mayer of Google -- Q&A with Mike Arrington // LeWeb 10

Marissa Ann Mayer talking to Mike Arrington.
She has a new job at Google: Local And Geo Offers Product Chief. Mainly: Contextual Discovery. What information does a user need. Marissa sounds like she has a cold. Get well ;)
- THis was a good time to do something new after 11 years at search, and it relates well to search
- I did not have engineering together with product before
- This is one of Googles big investments
- Streetview: Naked german guy in a car was a hoax (?) (no the birth was/ OG)
- Idea is to push information to people
- Can we make recommendations to you relating to where you have been on the web, what is the rtight UI for this? Panel in the browser on the right or bottom?
- Same thing for the physical word, by permissoinw e can do that with your location.
- Can we show you the menue oif the restaurant you are in as a 'social medue' with comments
- Latitude: There is probanbaly only a handful of people you are comfortable sseeing where you are, there will be extra levels of access there.
- We have a few places where it would make sense to have checkins, Goohgle Places or Latitude
- We are close to getting Latitude on the iPhone, it s not just a network product
- Acquisitions: Why is it so hard for Google to acquire companies like Twitter or Groupn
- every deal is different, if the company is alrge they are harder to integrate
- Sometimes companies are totally independet withing google and have their own HR and PR.
- Hotpot is a personalizes recommentadtion engine, it is not a yelp killer
- you can reate a restaurant, also many quickly, and you can see ratings of friends and others. We produce personalized recommendations.
- She likes twitter ands uses it. It creates awareness (but is not so social?)
- We can expect acquisitions from her department
- ...


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