Personal Reputationn Score, the error of blogging and a cool xmas-Meme by Spreeblick - links for 2010-12-25

  • genailes xmas-mem von spreeblick (bin ur noch ncihtdazu gekomnmen, ggf nachher ;) )

  • OG: "Well, there is a general confusion about Bloggers and Blogging.Blogging is not the 'usage of some publishing channel'. Is is more a mode of perception, thinking and communication that just some 'technology'.As to making money from the social graph: It's somewhat like selling insuranbces to your uncle ;) OTOH if a blogger is -'useful' to his or her network (and a blogger is, as you describe' more likely to have a larger than 150ppl-Dunbar-Network) usually they will not mind ther blogger to make money, IF, and that is key, they are not manipulated for financial gain.
    So the key issue for the 'advertisers/marketeers' is: to create passionate customers/users/evangelists/mavens among the bloggers. For that you don't only need glossy magazine ads but (e.g.) an awesome product and customer service."
    Which is much harder than just to buy TV minutes...

  • "The same way as the ranking of search results should be different for each and any of us (as we have different languages, ideas, interests etc.) I doubt that there is a 'number' or 'vector' (the Page Rank is in a way that) that describes our value/reputation withing 'all the network' (I intentionally use that word and not 'web' or 'Internet'). The 'value' of a person or her reputation would be very different depending on who you are wand what relationship to that person is.
    And that would be helluva database that describes that ;) (OTOH I guess there are more 'webpages' or 'pieces of data loosely joined' that people on earth, so: go ahead ;)"

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